Solar light source control panel is selected!

The solar controller acts as a control component of the solar LED street light, play an irreplaceable role in the Solar Clamps, so that more than people’s brain or computer processor, although he is small, but it has a core role. Therefore, it is especially important to select a controller with excellent quality.

Configuration of the panel

The solar light source plate is the core portion in the solar street lamp. Its function is to convert the sun’s radiation capabilities into electrical energy, and send it to the battery. More common and practical in many solar cells, three kinds of single crystal silicon solar cells, polysilicon solar cells, and amorphous solar cells.

High-efficiency light source, providing uniform lighting, environmental equipment

Di Xingyuan solar light source chip light is uniform, no glare, light output, luminous efficiency, service life meets international Standard, greatly improve lighting effect. Solar source board is absolutely less than traditional fuel power generation equipment in the production process, but also environmental protection equipment that prevents the warmth of the earth.

Di Xingyuan solar controller specializes in producing solar controller scheme customization. With the quality first, service-oriented concept, the company provides customers with professional products and perfect services. Looking forward to the future, the company will more actively meet the challenges of the market, and strive to provide customers with competitive solar controllers and their solutions. For the national and social energy conservation, environmental protection make a double contribution.