Long Island Limousine Service

In some shape or form, the idea of a limousine has always existed since the early 1700s. First developed with the rich in mind, these early cars were horse pulled gilded carriage with only the best horses pulling it. The word limousine is actually the feminine adjective derived from the word limoges that is now the province in France where it all started. But today limousines are not just for the rich; instead they come in a wide range of sizes, colors, and styles.

Most modern limousines and sedans today are four wheel drive vehicles that have a sedan type interior which looks more like a coupe. Most of the newer limousine models now have more standard features than the older style sedans. A more recent innovation in limousine vehicles is that they are designed with the driver in mind. With a larger passenger area and a more comfortable, relaxing ride, today’s limousines are much more suited to passengers who enjoy long drives than they are to those who enjoy long single distance commutes.

There are now three basic types of limousine. First there is the more familiar limo type limousine, which was developed originally as a horse drawn carriage. Second there is the more recently developed Limousine coupe, which is a stretched and cupped vehicle that provides a luxurious seating area for the consumer. Finally, there is the standard sedan, which is still a relatively simple car to operate, but is no longer the cheapest car in its class.

Of these three different designs, perhaps the most innovative of the modern limousines is the limo type. These vehicles offer a sense of adventure as well as a luxurious sense of relaxation. They are open, plannered vehicles that often have very little to do besides drive from point A to point B. A more traditional limousine design will often have a cab section that has doors on the left and right. These cars tend to offer a more traditional feel, though some limousine operators have begun to offer models with a mix of the two styles.

A second model of modern limousine vehicles is that of the luxury limousine. These vehicles are designed with their passengers in mind. Instead of a traditional stretch limousine, for instance, a luxury limousine service may offer a more traditional limousine that offers a full bar area as well as horseshoe and cocktail tables. Long Island limousine service providers also offer penthouses that passengers can use as night clubs.

Although the style of limousines offered by a luxury limousine service may differ greatly from that offered by a stretch limousine, there are many similarities between both. Both are pampered and luxurious vehicles, both offer the best in courtesy and grace, and both offer a sense of romance and elegance to any occasion. Whether you are looking for a vehicle to take you around town or to the Hamptons, or if you are looking for a vehicle to take you to an awards ceremony or a business meeting in Washington, DC, you will find that a long island limousine service can provide you with just what you need. There is truly no other type of vehicle that can make such an impact on an event or on a couple’s day.