How to save money for car transport without sacrificing quality

Being in the automatic transportation business for years and involving thousands of phone calls regarding questions about how the cost of shipping cars is affected and different services are some tips to ensure very affordable transportation services while getting a very affordable price.

1. One of the easiest things to save your Long Island NY Car Shippers transportation is remain flexible on the date of your transportation. More specifically have a minimum time window of 2 weeks to allow flexibility.

2. To often offset the cost if it’s convenient for you to lower your car in the terminal and take it too. This is called the terminal for transport terminal vs door to door, which can save around 5% or more.

3. Compare at least 3 automatic shipping quotes, and make sure you compare apples with apples.

After you think you have found the right company here is how you can ensure the quality of automatic transportation services:

1. Use BBB to research the company and their business records. Not all companies will have it and this might not be a bad thing. Just make sure they don’t have an unsatisfactory report and a history of complaints.